Our Products

Smiles Dental products are specifically developed to maintain good oral hygiene. Use them as part of your oral care regimen to to maintain and protect your dental health. Products are available to purchase at all Smiles Dental clinics or via email at: info@smiles.ie

Whitening and Sensitive ToothpasteWhitening and Sensitive Toothpaste
Containing mild whitening formula, this toothpaste will actively remove daily staining.
Kin Gingival MouthwashKin Gingival Mouthwash
Intensive Mouthwash for Gum Disease and Periodontal Disorders.

Oral B Satin Care Dental TapeOral B Satin Care Dental Tape
Oral B Satin Tape provides advanced flossing action for a fresh, clean feeling in your mouth.
Oral B Super FlossOral B Super Floss
Super Floss is a thick floss designed for people with Bridges, Braces and Implants.
Colgate Duraphat 2800 PPM FluorideColgate Duraphat 2800 PPM Fluoride
Fluoride toothpaste specifically designed for patients at risk of tooth decay, to be used only if recommended by your dentist.
Tepe Interdental BrushesTepe Interdental Brushes
Brushes for daily Interdental Cleaning to help prevent Gum Disease and Caries. Available in several sizes to suit all needs.

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