Dr Ciara Cuniffe, OMFSPK, O’Connell Street
“Since June, I have been attending O’Connell street to get a lot of dental work completed – the result of me not having been to a dentist in 25 years. I sincerely want to thank Ciara Cunniffe for all the work she has done in getting my teeth into much better shape and I am now not afraid to show my teeth when I smile!

To say I was nervous at my first appointment was putting it mildly – I think that the chair was vibrating during my entire first visit, having built up an irrational fear on dentists after a botched procedure when I was younger; but having made it through 6 appointments with Ciara, I can honestly say that my fear of dentists has gone away and I will be back in the new year (once the bank balance has recovered :-)) to look at getting some orthodontic work completed.

One of the more bizarre benefits of getting all the treatments completed is that my sinuses have cleared up. I suffer from chronic sinus pain in the right side of my face, but after my final filling on Friday, the pain has gone.

So, once again many thanks. I recommended Smiles O’Connell Street to my dad to get some work done and he was really happy as well.” Darren

Dr Liam O’Sullivan, OMFSPK, Waterloo Road
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and professionalism. You made me feel at total ease and confident from day 1! Looking forward to the procedure.” Anthony Bradl, Galway

“Best dental experience in forty years!” Aislinn Anderson

OMFSPK, Galway
“Great treatment, everyone very nice!” Sally Dillon

Dr Katie Wilson, OMFSPK, Waterloo Road
“I would just like to mail in to say thank you very much for this morning’s appointment. Smiles got back to me first thing this morning offering an appointment after I emailed late on Sunday evening. I’ve been to the dentist a few times this year but I have to say this was one of the best visits I’ve ever had. I felt very relaxed and that the staff were being very honest with me about what was wrong an what were my options (I have not had a lot of luck on this level elsewhere). I will definitely be recommending this branch of smiles to others!” Vanessa Harris

OMFSPK, Galway
“Excellent all round!” Roger Kennington

OMFSPK, Galway
“Highly recommend this dentist and dental practice.” 🙂 Eimear Lyons

Dr Dan Gruenfeld, OMFSPK, Waterloo Road
“Having moved to the area in the last year, I needed a dentist close by. When I called and explained that I had pain from a wisdom tooth, the staff at Smiles were so easy to talk to. From booking an appointment to the consultation itself, they were friendly and helpful. I didn’t feel half as nervous as I usually do when I have to go to the dentist!” Jennifer Smith

OMFSPK, Drogheda
“As a nervous patient, very hopeful and understanding.” Geraldine Farrelly

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